The air suspension system in your Mercedes is masterfully engineered. It is referred to as the Airmatic system, and it functions as the air suspension system to ensure stability and steadiness by absorbing shocks and jolts from bad roads. This air suspension system makes it possible to navigate any road without feeling the road imperfection within the vehicle cabin.

The suspension system uses air springs to absorb the impact of bumps and curbs so that your Mercedes can easily adapt to road imperfections. The air springs can absorb impacts by automatically inflating or deflating as your wheels move up and down. This ensures your ride is smooth and comfortable. When the air suspension system of your Mercedes starts failing, you will notice some or all of the signs listed below.

Faulty Airmatic Relays

When the relay circuit wears out, the Airmatic system becomes faulty. The relay circuit functions as a switch that opens and closes the circuit in the compressor. If the relay circuit becomes defective, the compressor becomes stuck on either open or close, causing the air suspension system to fail.

Failing Compressor

When the compressor becomes faulty, it can no longer keep and release pressurized air, and this will cause the air suspension system of your Mercedes to fail. You will notice that your car sags to one side and driving will become less comfortable. More often than not, the connecting wires in the compressor may cause it to malfunction, in which case the mechanic is required to change the cables or reconnect them.

Blocked Valves

The Airmatic valve can become blocked through constant use. When the valve becomes blocked, air passes into the compressor and puts pressure on it, causing it to fail. Too much pressure on the compressor may reduce its effectiveness and cause your Mercedes to sag. Hence, when you notice that your Mercedes is sagging on one side, contact a Mercedes specialist to have it checked out.


Noise or weird sounds are some of the most common signs to look out for when the suspension system of your Mercedes develops any fault. You will hear squeaking, screeching, or clunking sounds when the air suspension system of your Mercedes starts failing. The sounds are unusual and will reduce the pleasure of your driving experience. You know your Mercedes better than anyone. So, when you hear an odd noise as you drive, this should prompt you to have it inspected by Mercedes specialists who can make the necessary diagnosis and repair it.

Bumpy Rides

The primary role of the suspension system in your Mercedes is to ensure that your car is protected from road imperfections. However, when the suspension system fails, you and your car will feel the impact of every bump. If you notice your ride seems more uncomfortable than you’re used to, give our skilled mechanics a call to check it out for you.

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The primary aim of the AirMatic system is to create the best driving experience through maximum comfort and stable driving. When the system fails, Mercedes Air Suspension Maintenance your vehicle’s overall comfort is affected, and other parts are at an increased risk of damage.

The best way to fix the air suspension system of your Mercedes is preventive maintenance. However, in the event of damage, bring your car to our Mercedes experts in Elite BMW & Benz MD’s located in Fontana, CA. Our experts are ASE-certified with profound knowledge in the repairs, diagnosis, and servicing of Mercedes, Mini, and BMW models. We also utilize the latest factory-grade tools and equipment available to accurately handle everything your car needs.

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