Like any other vehicle, a BMW with a manual transmission is likely to experience clutch issues. Your BMW’s clutch plays a significant role in allowing you to change your car’s speeds. Your BMW clutch also allows your car to operate silently with reduced vibration when driving.

A functional clutch delivers power to your car wheels when changing gear by controlling the connection between the shaft coming from the engine and the shafts which turn the wheels. When the clutch fails, the clutch will fail to perform as it should.

Causes of a BMW clutch problem

There are several reasons why your BMW may experience clutch failure, and they include the following:

  • Broken or stretched cables: Your BMW clutch cable connects the pedals to the linkage. You can conveniently change gear due to the tension created by the pedal on the clutch cable. A broken or stretched BMW clutch cable may not provide the required tension to enable the clutch to function properly when you press the pedal.
  • Worn out or damaged Throwout bearings: The throwout bearings in your BMW are responsible for pushing away the pressure plate from the vehicle’s clutch disc, which helps stop power transfer from the BMW’s engine to the transmission. If your car’s throwout bearings are worn out, they may not provide adequate force to disengage the pressure plate from the clutch disc. When this happens, your clutch may not function properly.
  • Leaking cylinders: There is a need for hydraulic clutches to utilize fluid for pressure build-up to work optimally. However, leaky cylinders may lead to fluid loss, thus preventing your BMW’s clutch from acquiring enough pressure. A leaky master or slave cylinder signs include burning oil odors, oil puddles underneath your car, etc.
  • Worn-out pressure plate: The pressure plate in your BMW connects the flywheel to the clutch disc. Due to insufficient pressure, a damaged pressure plate may not hold the car’s clutch disc against its flywheel. One of the obvious signs of a damaged pressure plate in your BMW is a squeaking You may also feel your BMW’s clutch rattle a little as you try to release it.
  • Unprofessional BMW clutch repair job: If you recently repaired your faulty clutch, but the problem persists, it may be due to a faulty or an unprofessional repair job. There may be compatibility issues with the replaced component and the existing clutch system.

Common Signs That Your BMW’s Clutch May Be Faulty

We have earlier mentioned burning oil smell and squeaking noise as obvious signs of a faulty clutch system in your BMW. Here are some other signs that may help in identifying a faulty BMW clutch:

  • Slipping: You may feel that your BMW’s transmission slips without any reason from gear. When you start to notice this, it is a sign that you may have to get your clutch checked.
  • Stuck or sticky BMW clutch pedal: If you have a sticky pedal, you may not be able to drive your BMW. A sticky clutch may prevent your car from entering gear and may cause you to hear grinding.

It is unsafe for you to drive your BMW if you notice that the clutch is faulty. Doing so may cause further damage to other parts of your car, including the gearbox, starter motor, and shifter. Except for emergency reasons, you shouldn’t drive a BMW without a proper functioning clutch. Have it towed to your trusted BMW specialist for quick and affordable repairs.

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