BMW is a brand that has provided nothing less than comfort, versatility, and fantastic overall road performance for its users since its inception into the automobile industry. To enjoy all the good qualities of your BMW, you need to make sure that the DSC doesn’t fail. The DSC is one of the most overlooked parts of your car, even though its functions are essential to the general well-being of your vehicle.

DSC is an acronym for Dynamic Stability Control. All BMW models have a DSC system, and that is the feature that makes them unique. The DSC system gives you an opportunity to optimize your whole driving experience based on your driving style. The DSC system consists of sensors and detective methods that help it sense and record the needed data.

At its most basic, the DSC system is a safety feature that optimizes the speed of your vehicle and simultaneously records road conditions that might cause your BMW to drift or spin uncontrollably. With an active DSC system in your BMW, the chances of road accidents reduce significantly. However, if it fails and you don’t repair it immediately, you risk your safety and that of other road users.

Common Causes of DSC System Failure

There are several reasons for the failure of the DSC system, and they include those listed below:

  • Low Volume of Brake Fluid: The DSC system of your BMW works closely with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Hence, if anything affects the ABS adversely, the DSC system will automatically feel the impact. Something as little as low brake fluid in the ABS can cause the DSC system to develop a fault. Refilling the brake with a suitable fluid will fix the problem.
  • Faulty Sensors: The steering angle sensors and wheel speed sensors make up the DSC system. If any of these sensors develops a fault, the DSC system of your BMW will fail. The easy way out is to visit a BMW specialist to have the faulty sensors replaced immediately.
  • Poor Battery Connection: For the DSC system of your BMW to operate optimally, it requires a fair amount of power from the battery. If the relationship between the DSC system and your car’s battery is completely lost or poorly connected, the DSC system will stop working. Check your battery connection immediately and get it tested by a BMW expert.
  • The DSC System is Off: Most BMW drivers have unknowingly turned off the DSC system in their cars. All you need to do is enable the system again. Hold the DSC light for three-five seconds to turn it back on.

Signs of DSC System Failure

The first sign you will notice in the events of a faulty DSC system is the illumination of the DSC light. You can easily find the DSC light on the dashboard of your BMW. Usually, the DSC light comes on whenever you start your car and goes off almost immediately. If the DSC system becomes faulty, the light will not go off until you repair it.

Another sign you might notice is that braking will become strenuous. Your car may also drift quite often. Driving in a vehicle that brakes with difficulty is risky, especially when driving at high speeds or taking corners. Hence, when you notice any of the signs mentioned above, immediately call our technicians to have it inspected and repaired for your safety and those around you on the road.

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