While Mercedes-Benz is known to be a high-class automaker, this does not exempt their vehicles from the everyday concerns of regular maintenance. In fact, some owners might be even more inclined to stay on top of maintenance if only to avoid the costly repair bills that can come with owning a German luxury car. Let’s review some of the primary maintenance items you should pay attention to and why they are important.

Oil Changes

The oil is a critical component of a healthy engine. It provides the necessary lubrication to prevent excessive friction and even damage to the various parts of your engine. When there is too little oil, parts will not have sufficient lubrication, leading to possible damage to the components as they rub against each other.

Damage can also occur when oil changes are neglected and the oil is not low but contaminated. Oil contamination can cause debris to get lodged inside the engine and/or damage it. The importance of regular oil changes cannot be understated when it comes to ensuring your Mercedes-Benz is not facing severe impending damage.

Tire Maintenance

Tire rotations, balancing, and wheel alignments are all important aspects of maintenance. These ensure your tires wear evenly, and if uneven wear is detected, it can be easily corrected. Without properly balanced tires, your ride quality will deteriorate and additional stress can be put on the suspension of your vehicle, leading to further trouble down the line.

Battery Care

The battery is what allows your Mercedes-Benz to start and run, and it is subject to degradation over time. For example, a common problem is battery corrosion around the positive and negative terminals, leading to trouble starting the car and even poor running conditions.

It is a good idea to have the battery inspected regularly and any corrosion cleaned away. The voltage of the battery can also be tested to ensure it is within the proper operating range. This can also alert you to an aging battery needing to be replaced.

Air Filters

The engine air filter is the mechanism behind drawing in air for combustion. The air/fuel mixture is ignited in the cylinders. If this filter is dirty, debris can inadvertently get sucked into the engine, possibly causing damage.

Additionally, a clogged air filter can lead to problems with the car running at all. Air filters are often checked during routine oil changes and can be replaced if needed. However, some aftermarket air filters are reusable once cleaned, so be sure to let your trusted mechanic know if you have such a filter so it is not thrown away.

You might also have a cabin air filter which filters the air that you breathe in the interior cabin of your Mercedes. This should be inspected and replaced if needed, as it can get dirty and clogged with debris.

Spark Plugs

The replacement interval for your spark plugs is usually listed in your owner’s manual. This should be strictly followed, because faulty spark plugs can result in a no-start condition for your Mercedes-Benz. Alternatively, the car might start but run very roughly, ruining your driving experience and even resulting in safety concerns. Consider if your engine suddenly stalls while merging onto a highway with heavy traffic.

Fuel System

Your fuel system can need periodic cleaning, so it’s important to have it inspected to assess whether the system is running right and intact. For example, the fuel injectors which inject fuel to be mixed with air in the cylinders have very fine openings at their tips, meaning miniscule debris can cause a blockage. Technicians can inspect these and provide cleaning if needed.

Elite BMW and Benz MD’s for Your Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

The above are some of the most common Mercedes Benz Cabin Air Filter Change maintenance items to keep in mind. However, remember that all systems of a car can need attention, so also be sure to consult your owner’s manual for specific service intervals to guide you.

At Elite BMW and Benz MD’s in Fontana, CA, our ASE certified mechanics provide regular maintenance and in-depth repairs for a fraction of the dealership costs. We use the latest equipment and tools and provide a 100% warranty on parts and labor. Call us at 909-997-1731 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to servicing your Mercedes to keep you safe on the roads.

* Mercedes Benz Car image credit goes to: Julie Deshaies.